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Sep 19, 2011 9:00pm PDT
. >> can his plan work? the president's top advisers. and i'll ask the former governor of michigan how to get people back to work. and a prime minister speaks out about the terror attacks that shocked the world. this is "piers morgan tonight." today president obama billed a 3 trillionplan to cut the deficit. reduce spending in iraq and afghanistan and higher taxes on the wealthiest american. republican leaders promptly dismissed it calling the plan class warfare. does the president's plan have a chance? joining me is gene sperling director of the national economic council. thank you for joining me. the president announced today he'll go after the rich. the republicans say that is a form of class warfare. the president says it's math. but the reality is it is class warfare. the rich are a class and he's going after them. >> it's the opposite. the president is asking for balance, for shared sacrifice. he's asking for everybody to contribute and getting our long-term deficit down. he wants a plan that will be strong and powerful. the american jobs act. but we come to fiscal discipline, we al
Sep 26, 2011 9:00pm PDT
going for so long. i came from michigan. we were the first english speaking government in the world back in the 1800s to eliminate the death penalty. we haven't had it sense. it's barbaric, it doesn't prevent crime. it doesn't act as a deterrent. >> but the key thing about it is if they can guarantee that every single person was 100% guilty, that's one argument, but i've read a statistic this morning 17 people who were on death row have had their sentences commuted because dna, fresh fresh evidence, acquitted them of the crimes. they would have all potentially -- >> been killed. >> been killed. and that becomes a form of state legislative murder. >> that is correct. murder in our name. >> another 112 had their sentences commuted from death row. when you see that volume of people who were clearly innocent of these crimes. >> right. >> that to me is the end of the debate, isn't it? >> it should absolutely be the end of the debate. for people to applaud texas like that i saw a sign somebody was holding, i think it was actually just down at the protest that said, if corporations are now
Sep 17, 2011 3:00am EDT
growing up in grand rapids, michigan but he seemingly does all he can to mask the memories of hardship. a few miles from the gym, this is the ode to opulence where mayweather is known to spend frequent afternoons, tobin motor cars. joining him for a browse today, r&b singer ray jay. >> limited edition. >> mayweather owns 14 luxury cars, collection valued at more than $4 million. on this visit he negotiates an impromptu trade, one of his bentleys for a new rolls royce. >> you want to come to the dealership and meet me at my house and me the difference and we will take care of it. i will give you cash. >> several hours later, back at the mayweather mansion, a man they call chop arrives with the call they call the ghost. >> rolls royce effect. we add another rolls royce to the collection, you know what i'm saying. that's what it is. all white, that's right. money men don't play. >> following a bit of paperwork, the exchange is made. a cash payment makes up the difference. >> thank you. >> appreciate another beautiful with the champ. >> we do that. we trade a super sport in and we take a r
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)